Trend of Cycle ride for fitness purpose


In today’s time people are living their lives with hectic schedule, they don’t have enough time to focus on the everyday job for refreshment.

The majority of the residents do work from home during the covid-19 era. They do laptop work about 10 to 11 hours. They carry on sedentary lifestyle intent not exclusively but for work or their job duties.

They have no choice to go to gym and do exercise for 1 and a half hours to shape their hectic routine, so they initiate a cycling of full body exercise for remedy.

We all know what the advantages of cycling are, but here we’re talking about the wave of cycling and its booming business development over the past few months and last year.


Global market growth rate of bicycle 201847.51 M
Global Bicycle Forecasting year 2018-2025 6.1% CAGR

As per the research market, Individuals across the globe are becoming increasingly more conscious of their health, which inevitably results in the growing need for the bicycle as an alternative mode of travel.

Number of people buy new bicycle only for fitness purpose and they chose mostly sport bicycle. Many bicycle company grew their business last few years.

The overall market for e-bikes is rapidly growing relative to traditional bicycles, and is projected to become popular over the forecast time frame.

The potential of e-bikes to handle average speeds more effectively allows the rider to cycle safely on overpasses, mountain areas and difficult highways, paving the way for e-bike purchases.


Many companies are starting street commuter promotions for health purposes. We’re talking about go green initiative here for example. They also offer cheapest price for bicycle cycling.

Air emission control and even public wellness are the goal behind this project. This is why people began riding for a healthy lifestyle.

Personal experience which i shared with you

I’m also an passionate person for fitness, so I always do exercises and cycling for a healthier life. As I am a student, and nowadays almost all we know about the scenario is going on, so cycling at least 1 and a half hours is good for our whole body workout.

I always go for a cycling after finishing my study work and I observed the audience riding a bicycle in group to develop a stamina and remain healthy. When I asked a bicycle rider some questions, like how long have you been riding a bicycle? It’s safe, is it? Will you love riding your bicycle? How do you feel after exercising, like good energy or gaining some refreshment in your body?

They simply said that they loved riding a bicycle, of course, also getting refreshment and relief from their hectic work life balance. They said if you are not going to gym for workout and if you are not going to do exercise at home then cycling is the best choice to keep safe and fit.


we all know how cycling is positively affected in over healthy life style, like increased cardiovascular fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, decreased stress levels,improved posture and coordination, strength bones, decreased body fat levels, and also prevention or management of disease.

A number of people between the ages of 14 and 60 have started cycling. All of them do cycling as per situation, number of people afflicted by seasonal disease and hectic jobs as well. They found the solution for enjoyment as well as fitness for body storm.


“If you want to stay safe and healthy, adopt good and healthy food and also do regular workout “


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